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Term limits are one of those ideas that seems to . After all, politicians are just in it for the money, and obviously without term limits they’ll never leave office and they’ll just suckle from the taxpayer teat until they die.

But term limits are a superficial treatment that ignores the core problem. It’s like trying to fix roads by forcing people to change their tires more often.

No one can be blamed for buying into this idea. On the surface it seems like a great way to prevent one politician from holding power for too long and…

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice’s plan to eliminate WV’s state income tax isn’t just some free market fantasy to create population growth. It’s a recipe for sending the rich laughing all the way to Wall Street and for locking West Virginia into a new century of plutocracy.

Here’s the broad proposals, the basic economic incentives, and how it all leads to the planned outcome.

First, his plan will eliminate state income taxes for all West Virginians, with people who earn the most receiving the biggest tax break as a result.

He wants to begin with a 60% cut to…

The Republicans running the show in West Virginia want everyone to believe that they’re doing everything in their power to attract people to the state.

To me it seems that they are either oblivious to what is attractive to human beings, or these lawmakers have hidden intentions. This is my sense only because their proposed plans would do nothing to reverse the population loss trend, and more likely their proposals would accelerate the current trends.

I wrote about Gov. Justice’s plan to eliminate the income tax earlier this week, and…

On Tuesday February 23, 2021, the Republican controlled state senate in West Virginia passed a bill that effectively puts a halt to future teacher strikes in the state.

The bill declares, “Public employees in West Virginia have no right, statutory or otherwise, to engage in collective bargaining, mediation, or arbitration, and any work stoppage or strike by public employees is hereby declared to be unlawful.”

While this bill may seem to an ignorant bystander like an infringement of public employees’ civil liberties including both the freedom to assemble and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances — I…

Private insurers & big pharma are spending a fortune to scare folks about “Medicare for All”. Here’s the truth.

Medicare For All would save West Virginians money, provide better health care, and produce better outcomes. It would be a massive stimulus for West Virginia’s workers, families and small businesses, and it would immediately put $10 million back into West Virginia’s budget.

The biggest charges against Medicare for All are: 1) it would hurt current Medicare recipients 2) it would limit choices for patients and 3) it would be too expensive. All are false.

In fact, Medicare for All would be a huge benefit for the 433,000 West Virginians currently receiving Medicare. It would save them a great deal of…

Before the Reich Court in Leipzig: The Defendant Marinus van der Lubbe with his Interpreter, September 24, 1933 (Source: Bildarchiv Preußischer Kulturbesitz)

West Virginia state senator and senate education chair Patricia Rucker (R-Jefferson County) recently took to the pages of the Washington Times to trot out some very wrong and oft-repeated myths about history and generally to be condescending towards “young people”. Her article was headlined, “Young people misunderstand socialism and its effects.”

Sen. Rucker is very concerned that young people are embracing socialism and she thinks they’re embracing socialism because they don’t understand what it means. She posits that it may be “because the word “socialism” and the way we hear it in the American vernacular has changed.”

It’s awful condescending…

Photo: “Union Miners Giving Up Their Guns”

If history is any indicator, there’s one thing that could cause the Republicans to quickly change their tune about gun rights in West Virginia: if West Virginia’s broad coalition of teachers and public school workers simply legally armed themselves, shoulder-slinged rifles and hip-holstered pistols, and descended on Charleston, WV to peacefully protest in defense of West Virginia’s public schools.

I suspect this would be the case, because the Second Amendment has never once in American history been legally applied to support the poor, or to support anyone who has challenged the rich and powerful in this country.

Racism and the Second Amendment: A Partial Story

In author and…

“The Boston Tea Party,” by Luis Arcas Brauner,

Jefferson County, WV’s Industrial Amazon

The multinational Denmark-based company Rockwool is moving full steam ahead with its plans to develop an industrial plant in rural Jefferson County.

And since January, a pro-industry group calling itself “Jefferson County Prosperity, Inc” has formed in full-throated support of the project. The faceless group hasn’t accomplished much. But they spend a lot of energy (and some money) on Facebook: cheer-leading foreign industries and sowing division in Jefferson County. More on that in a moment.

Rockwool is “an inorganic insulator made from stones or rocks by blowing a jet of steam through molten rock (such…

Donald Trump recently visited my hometown, Wheeling, WV. The campaign stop made national headlines when Trump declared his love for North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

And in advance of his visit, Donald Trump Junior wrote an op-ed to Wheeling’s newspaper, The Intelligencer/ Wheeling News-Register.

It was offensive, simply put. Here’s why.

Don Jr. started with a true premise about globalization: Wheeling, West Virginia is the perfect example of the dangers of globalism. This is not a shocking statement, and progressive Democrats have been saying this for decades.

Everything Trump Jr. wrote from there falls into one of three categories…

Troy N. Miller

Writer; Executive Producer, The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow; Host, Waste of Breath Radio (Podcast); Collaborator, Thom Hartmann’s Hidden History Book Series

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